Established in 2001, Powerstar has become a leading provider of holistic energy technology solutions, deploying over 11,500 units worldwide.

Our mission is to enable the energy transition for our clients with resilient power solutions. Going beyond conventional manufacturing, we position ourselves as strategic partners, leveraging world-class feasibility studies, simulations, and modelling techniques to ensure the success of each project.

Client-Centric Innovation

Our client-centric approach is not just about meeting expectations; it’s about surpassing them. We meticulously tailor solutions to your needs, ensuring a perfect balance between affordability and the value received.

Technical Expertise

Anchored by an in-house engineering team and advanced simulations, our technical prowess guarantees not just reliability but a product that exceeds performance expectations.

British Manufacturing

All the components critical to the operation of the system are manufactured in-house with stringent quality control.

Global Strength

We cater to industry leaders, ensuring our solutions meet the demands of energy-intensive sectors worldwide. As a member of the D2Zero group, Powerstar spearheads decarbonization, joining a committed workforce of 4,000, contributing to a £500 million-strong alliance.

Together, we can shape the future of energy.

At Powerstar, we’re not just adapting to the future; we’re actively shaping it alongside our broader group, D2Zero.

D2Zero is the combination of five existing UK portfolio companies with deep expertise in providing engineering and operations support services for critical energy infrastructure.

Each has differentiated technologies and capabilities to decarbonise traditional energy whilst supporting the development of emerging energy sources.

The companies within D2Zero provide a range of innovative decarbonisation capabilities that will accelerate customers’ progress towards achieving their decarbonisation and net zero objectives –delivering decarbonisation towards zero (D2Zero).

Welcome to a new era of professional energy solutions, where success is not just a goal but an unwavering commitment.

Our History

Voltage optimisation saved 8.4% annually on a modern facility with a Building Management System.

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