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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Aerospace Manufacturer





A global leader in the manufacture of landing gear, suspension and tram coupling bearings was suffering significant scrappage caused by power disruptions.
The high quality and precision of the manufacturing process meant that an energy disruption caused operations to halt and destroyed an average of 8 material blocks per year, worth over £150,000 each.
To protect the entire manufacturing site and all processes from power disruptions, Powerstar installed a bespoke 1MW battery energy storage solution with fast switching and control software capable of providing comprehensive Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).
The solution has protected the client from an average of 4 power disruptions per year, making the payback period of the project less than 2 years.
The technology includes integrated voltage optimisation which improves power quality for further protection from power disruption, and provides a small reduction in energy consumption and, therefore, electricity costs.

As an intelligent solution, the battery energy storage is also able to participate in a variety of Grid Services alongside providing comprehensive UPS, generating some revenue as an additional financial benefit.


lost with each power disruption


Below shows an example of where the supply power for the client was disrupted (top left). However, as seen in the load active power graph (bottom left), the site was not affected. As an energy disruption is detected from the grid, the battery energy storage system takes over to supply the site’s power, keeping operations up and running until the grid connection stabilises.

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