Feasibility Studies

An accurate and comprehensive feasibility study is crucial to the success of any electrical infrastructure project.

It serves to mitigate risks and ensures that the proposed project aligns with expectations. By thoroughly assessing a range of internal and external factors, a feasibility study provides the necessary insights to design and deliver an effective energy solution.

Why a Feasibility Study?

1. Customer Needs:

  • Understanding the unique objectives and challenges of each project

2. Site and Infrastructure:

  • Evaluating the nature of the site, anticipating changing loads, and ensuring compatibility with existing infrastructure

3. Permissions and Regulatory Issues:

  • Identifying potential grid constraints or other permissions early in the process, allowing for informed decision-making.

4. Costs and Funding

  • Offering a complete picture of available grants, funding options, and total project costs.

5. Project timeline and results:

  • Science-backed modelling and simulations deliver improved stakeholder confidence and clearly demonstrate project viability.

Powerstar's Approach:

Powerstar leverages its expertise and in-house digital modelling capabilities to map and test both existing sites and proposed solutions in a digital space. This resilience testing across a multitude of factors ensures that the project will deliver as expected, regardless of a broad range of both internal and external factors.

Feasibility Study Service:

Our feasibility studies are available as part of all Powerstar technology installations as well as a standalone service.

With organisations seeking energy technologies to address various energy management challenges, it can be difficult to determine the best solution.

A comprehensive feasibility study assists in:

Identifying areas for potential improvement

Selecting the technology or combination of technologies that offers the optimal solution

Establishing the foundations for a project that delivers as expected

A comprehensive feasibility study is the cornerstone of a successful electrical infrastructure project, providing the insights needed for informed decision-making and project success.

Explore Powerstar’s feasibility study service to ensure your energy solution aligns with your specific needs and objectives.

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