Technical Consultancy

Powerstar has market-leading expertise when it comes to solutions for clients navigating the energy transition.

This means that we are well positioned to provide technical consultancy across a diverse range of projects.

We collaborate closely with clients to design energy infrastructure solution projects from the ground up. Employing feasibility studies and digital modelling, we present a holistic view of site challenges, improvement opportunities, and a range of viable solutions. This approach allows clients to make well-informed decisions regarding their energy management strategy.

Our focus is on aiding clients in overcoming energy infrastructure challenges, regardless of their complexity or uniqueness.

With our support, clients can be confident that technical projects:

Represent the optimal solution for their energy management challenges.

Function as expected across various conditions.

Deliver significant and measurable benefits, such as energy cost and carbon reduction.

Minimise the risk of disrupting a site during commissioning or throughout the project's lifespan.

Are accurately costed with clear timescales in place.

Seamlessly integrate with existing site infrastructure.

Our consultancy service provides unique, optimised energy solutions, ensuring the ideal combination of technology, software, and support to meet specific energy management objectives. This approach guarantees that we recommend only the technologies necessary to solve problems in the most efficient manner.

Greater energy efficiency and new revenue streams were able to reduce the museum’s overall energy costs by 21%.

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