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Located in the London district of Kensington, the Design Museum is the world’s leading museum devoted to contemporary design in any form.
Opened in 2016, the Design Museum welcomed more than 780,000 guests in its first year, before being named the European Museum of the Year in 2018.


The museum has set out from the start to promote sustainable development and design through its own events and exhibitions, as well as adopting a core mission that uses technological and environmental changes to lead by example. As part of a series of ongoing reviews into their energy strategy, the Design Museum found that their average monthly energy costs were rising by almost 30%. As a result, they chose to partner with Powerstar as a technology provider that was able to reduce energy costs and improve power resilience while also contributing towards better sustainability.


The Design Museum was assessed as best suited to Powerstar’s VIRTUE battery energy storage system, a comprehensive battery storage solution that offers a range of energy management benefits. Storing energy to use at peak times allowed the Design Museum to reduce their overall energy bills, while the ability to generate additional revenue from grid contracts and the additional savings offered by supplementary voltage optimisation technology further reduced their net costs. Alongside this cost saving, the museum now benefits from real-time, predictive energy management and controls that optimise energy flows and usage across the site, while the battery also provides power resilience in the case of disruption.


Greater energy efficiency and new revenue streams were able to reduce the museum’s overall energy costs by 21%, saving crucial money for what is a registered charity that can be reinvested back into exhibits and visitor experience. An overall reduction in electricity consumption of around 8.5% also contributes to reducing the museum’s overall carbon footprint.

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reduction in energy costs

Via greater efficiency and grid revenue services

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