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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Four Seasons Shopping Centre






The Four Seasons Shopping Centre, situated in the centre of Mansfield, is a vibrant and inviting destination for shoppers in the area.

The centre has been in operation since 1974 and boasts over 50 stores including high street fashion, electrical goods, home entertainment, books, gifts and travel agents.


Due to the centre being open seven days a week, any surveys or installation work would need to be carried out without impacting on day-to-day operations and the shopping experience for customers.

Incoming power from grid was found to be relatively stable but higher than required, averaging 240.9V. With most electrical equipment designed to run at 220V, this presented a number of energy management problems. As well as higher consumption resulting in greater costs and carbon emissions, overvoltage also presented a risk to power resilience and risked reducing the lifespan of equipment.


Powerstar offered a concept to completion service and set out a fully supported, turnkey solution to the Four Seasons Shopping Centre which provided tangible reductions in energy consumption, significant savings and a more stable energy supply for the site.

Following an analysis of the voltage profile onsite, the Powerstar team recommended a 179kVA Powerstar VO-LITE voltage optimisation system.


“Powerstar successfully managed the installation of the Voltage Regulation and Power Factor Correction units at the Four Seasons Shopping Centre through tailoring the installation to meet our requirements, whilst not disrupting the service provision to our customers.

The equipment installed has had a significant effect in reducing our electrical consumption.”

Martin Moran, Operations Manager, Four Seasons Shopping Centre


The solution offered an average 17.5V reduction in voltage. This will reduce annual electricity consumption by 24,289kWh per annum, equating to annual consumption savings of 7.5%.

The installation was carried out with no disruption to the centre’s operations and without negative impact to the experience or enjoyment of visitors to the site, a critical component to any customer facing business, especially those operating within the leisure industry.


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