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Newport City Council


As a unitary authority responsible for the administration of all areas of local government within a single tier for a given area, Newport City Council was eager to dramatically reform their energy consumption by means of reducing their carbon footprint and setting a good example to other Council’s and businesses alike.


Newport City Council’s responsibility within Wales has significantly increased over the years. First being formed as a county borough in1996, the council went on to obtain city status in 2002 and is now the 8th largest council in Wales. The council provides all major services such as education, leisure, housing, social services, planning and highways.


With the council’s increased responsibility within Wales, and the increase in environmental impact, the council saw it as mandatory that they focus their efforts on energy sustainability.

Every 3 years the council set out their corporate plan which dictates what they plan to achieve. Energy consumption however is an area where the council constantly aims to improve.

Newport City Council partakes in a resource reduction led scheme called ‘Planet Newport’ whereby they strive to continuously lower the carbon footprint of the city. Aiming to lead by example, the council sought an effective energy reducing strategy that would kick start their own energy reduction regime. Powerstar were therefore commissioned to make significant changes in the council’s energy use, without using up a large proportion of money that could be invested in other city revamping methods.


Following Newport City Council’s first meeting with Powerstar, the Council were impressed with what Powerstar had to offer. Having previously installed across a range of other public sector establishments, the council were aware of the clarity of savings and Powerstar were too familiar with the typical concerns raised amongst councils, such as costings and payback.

Following a site survey whereby all savings, costings and paybacks were established, Powerstar’s ability to kick start the council’s resource reduction scheme became apparent. Powerstar were able to reduce the council’s carbon footprint by an estimated 5.4%.


The Council were promised a 5.4% reduction in their energy consumption but Powerstar in fact outperformed this prediction by 3.4%, giving Newport City Council a more roundly figured 8.8% energy saving.

Based on the 8.8% saving, Newport City Council are set to save 165,016kWh per annum equating to an impressive 2.4 years payback. Such a significant reduction in energy has set the Council off on a promising carbon reduction path. This reduction will bode the council particularly well in their participation in the CRC scheme.

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