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Power resilience for a net zero world

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University of Surrey






The University of Surrey has held sustainability at the heart of its corporate social responsibility agenda for over a decade. The campus is home to 17,900 students and 2,597 staff and views investing in sustainable technology as a critical component to reduce its impact on the environment.


As an education establishment that specialises in energy economics research, the University are familiar with the effect that energy misuse has on the environment. They are also particularly knowledgeable of the different energy saving technologies on the market. The Powerstar team were therefore under pressure to prove how voltage optimisation was the most suited energy-reducing technology suitable for their site, taking both energy reduction and ROI into consideration.


Powerstar carried out a full site survey to determine the University’s expected energy savings. The free consultation and full site survey uncovered the expected savings results on the exact equipment that would benefit within the University.
The site survey results left the University rather impressed and they decided that Powerstar was the ideal solution for their site.


The savings equated to 189,474kWh saved per year, meeting the universities’ initial objectives in terms of suitability, effectiveness and return on investment period.


Saved per year. A reduction of 8.1%


Saved per year in electricity costs.

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