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Power resilience for a net zero world

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Precision Products Ltd






Precision Products (UK) Ltd is a manufacturer and worldwide supplier of piston rings and metallic seals to the marine and industrial sector. The business focuses on delivering solutions that adhere to what they consider to be their core strengths; speed and flexibility. Because of this, they have become a development partner of choice within the marine and industrial sectors.

Established in 1994, the company has over 20 years’ experience and has continued to grow rapidly throughout that time.


Due to investment in a full range of specialised machines and processes, Precision Products (UK) Ltd was looking for ways to reduce its annual energy consumption to minimise running costs for the specialised equipment, as well as reducing its CO2 emissions in the process.

Their precision manufacturing process also meant that it was vitally important that any measures taken would not only avoid disrupting this process, but actively contribute to their energy resilience. Any unexpected change in their power supply risks disrupting highly sensitive manufacturing equipment and resulting in significant costs through lost productivity, waste and repair costs.

Following a comprehensive site survey and evaluation, it was found that the site’s average incoming voltage was fluctuating between 242V and 250V, much higher than the 220V most electrical equipment operates most effectively at. As well as costing money through significant energy wastage, this fluctuating voltage represented a significant threat to their energy resilience and risked ongoing damage to equipment.


Voltage optimisation technology was identified as a viable solution that would meet their objectives. Powerstar were selected due to their market leading reputation, engineering expertise, and sustainable ethos.

Precision Products (UK) Ltd’s average voltage was reaching above this optimal figure, leading to a significant amount of energy waste and excessively high energy bills.

The overvoltage on site was causing significant energy waste and unnecessarily high energy bills, as well as subjecting equipment to unnecessary wear and tear, shortening its overall lifespan.


To stabilise the voltage profile, and reduce the amount of energy wasted, the Powerstar team recommended the installation of a Powerstar VO-MAX system, an electronic-dynamic voltage optimisation solution. This system secured Precision Products total consumption savings of 7%, while eliminating 85.4 tonnes of carbon equivalent from their net emissions every year.

85.4 tonnes

Total carbon equivalent removed from net emissions annually
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